Live From Super Buzz XII

generic electric plug cord football field
Hello everybody, it's a beautiful Super Bowl Sunday and weather should not be a factor for today's big game between the Chicago Bears and the Kansas City Chiefs held here at the Embassy Suites in Baltimore, Md. just off the lobby.

You heard Detroit? Nope, this is it, the Super Bowl of electric football, with hundreds of games contested by top players from throughout the country drawn by the seductive call of buzzing boards, reports CBS Sunday Morning contributor Bill Geist.

Michael Landsman is commissioner of the Electric Football League and president of Miggle Toys, which makes the game.

Norbert Revels from Detroit is the reigning Super Bowl champion and a favorite to repeat. He is a master butcher by trade -- both off and on the vibrating metal field -- who puts in long hours of practice. "Five, six hours a day," Revels says.

Players love the strategy and the competitiveness, not to mention the neat, little collectible figures.

There are little plastic officials, cheerleaders, even TV crews. That's

With excellent passing skills, Revels and his little plastic Kansas City Chiefs play their way into the final Super Bowl game where they meet the Chicago Bears, coached by Keith Chalmers from Washington D.C.

After a coin toss and kickoff, Super Bowl 12 is underway and on the very first play, Chalmers' running back sprints 77 yards for a touchdown as his Bears take an early lead.

Revels fights back with a touchdown pass, but Chalmers kicks a field goal to take a 9-6 lead and it is time for the big Super Bowl halftime extravaganza. The Rolling Stones, it's not.

The second half is an epic, defensive struggle -- interrupted by a lost ball and a phone call -- but when all the buzzing is over, it's Chalmers and his Bears who'll be fitted for 2006 Super Bowl rings.

Yet Geist concludes, there is no word yet about a Super Bowl victory parade -- not even a really little, itsy bitsy one.