Lisa Stone Missing: High School Friends Take to Facebook to Try to Find Texas Woman

Tina Wiley and Joni Shannon, friends from their days at Mesquite High School, search for their missing friend, Lisa Stone (CBS)

(CBS) In 1977 in Mesquite, Texas, football was king, and the ladies of the Mesquite High School drill team were the gridiron queens. High-kicking teammates Lisa Stone, Tammye Markle and Tina Wiley, along with friend Joni Shannon, bonded during those high school years. After graduation, they grew up and grew apart until the ladies of '77 found each other - on Facebook. Through a series of pokes, IMs, wall posts, and private messages, the ladies planned a reunion for the women of the Mesquite High School class of '77. There they rediscovered the bonds that first made them so close, and vowed to stay in touch. After that, Lisa and her crew picked up like they were best friends and constantly communicated via Facebook - that is, until Lisa stopped posting last spring.

PICTURES: Lisa Stone Missing

Friends describe Lisa as "always laughing" and "larger than life." What some would call invading someone's personal space, Lisa would call normal-she would get right up in friends' faces when she was talking to them. But behind Lisa's friendly disposition was the pain and loneliness of a troubled life - she tragically lost her brother and sister, and also lost both parents to cancer. Trouble piled on, and she lost her job of 14 years, selling classified ads for The Dallas Morning News. Deeply depressed about the loss of family members and a paycheck, Lisa spiraled downward.

Lisa hasn't been seen or heard from since last spring. Although this remains a missing persons case, police have questioned Sherry Henry, Lisa's partner of 15 years, in her disappearance. Tina, Tammye and Joni's team of amateur detectives was organically created when the ladies joined ranks to keep Lisa's investigation active. They've organized candlelight vigils, bought a billboard on the interstate, gone on searches, and worked the phones. They even started a page - "For the Love of Lisa" - on Facebook, the very medium where their communication was rekindled, hoping to gather clues that will answer their questions about their beloved pal.

Anyone with information about the case is urged to contact the Dallas Police Missing Persons Squad at 214-671-4243 or visit the "For the Love of Lisa" Facebook Page.

Ashley Mastronardi and Lucy Scott wrote and reported this post.