Lions and Tigers and Monkeys, Oh Yes: SPCA Finds Many Animals Mistreated on Texas Ranch, Two People Charged

(KHOU/Houston SPCA)

(CBS/KHOU) 200 dogs, 40 puppies, one tamarin monkey, two Bengal tigers, two mountain lions, 18 domestic cats, five birds, one lizard, 10 rodents, one deer, one raccoon and more than 30 horses and donkeys.

Sure, it sounds like inventory day at the Neverland Ranch, but actually it's what the Houston Society for the Prevention to Cruelty to Animals says it seized from a property in Coryell County, Texas -- more than 300 domestic and exotic animals in all, reported CBS affiliate KHOU.

Two suspects were charged with 20 counts of animal cruelty and two environmental charges - one of which is a felony - the SPCA told KHOU.

The SPCA said the animals were living in very poor conditions; investigators found several dead puppies and others suffering from hypothermia, the station reported.

The horses were being cared for by a Houston-area veterinarian. The deer and the raccoon were removed by Texas Parks and Wildlife. The rest of the animals were taken to the Houston SPCA.

Investigators said additional charges may be filed.