Lindsay Lohan "Scared" About Possibility of Prison Over Necklace

Lohan "Lindsay Lohan "Scared" About Possibility of Prison Over Necklace" About Possibility of Prison
Lindsay Lohan (AP Photo)

(CBS/AP) Lindsay Lohan may be in trouble with the law again - and the allegations would be the most serious yet for the troubled actress.

Last week, CBS News' "The Early Show" reported that Lohan became a target of an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department over the possible theft of a $2500, one-of-a-kind necklace.

Prosecutors have been reviewing the case, and haven't announced their decision, but could file felony charges as soon as today, according to celebrity website

This could put the actress back behind bars - this time in state prison, not county jail. And that prospect, TMZ Executive Producer Harvey Levin told CBS News, has Lohan "scared." The charges could be felony grand theft.

A jewelry store is accusing her of stealing the piece.

In a statement, Lohan defense attorney Shawn Chapman Holley insists, "We vehemently deny these allegations and, if charges are filed, we will fight them in court, not in the press."

The jewelry store claims to have handed police surveillance tape of Lohan walking out with the stolen necklace Jan. 22.

But she says it's all just a big mix up.

"Lindsay insists," says Levin, "that she borrowed the $2,500 dollar necklace from the store, that it was given to her on loan...that a lot of people do throw things at her to wear in public because she's photographed so much...The question is, was it loaned to her or did she steal it?"

Lohan has been behind bars three times in three years after a pair of DUI arrests - all brief stays in county jail. A felony conviction could land her in state prison for as long as three years.