Laughter Best Gas Price Medicine?

If you don't laugh at the sky-high price of gas these days, you might cry.

Figuring laughter's the better route, The Early Show Thursday

by designer Dominic Tocci, poking fun at the brutal numbers at the pump.

It's called "I Can't Afford My Gasoline," and its lyrics, in part, are:

"I got out of my bed this morning, got in my car and turned the key. Then I called outta work and I went back into bed, because the needle was on 'E.' I can't afford my gasoline. The prices have become obscene. They're up five cents a day. Who has that kind of green? I can't afford my gasoline."

To view the complete cartoon, from, click here.

Co-anchor Rene Syler then showed some T-shirts poking fun at the situation.

One depicted Uncle Sam, pointing and saying, "I want you to give me gas money."

Another said, "I love (with a heart standing for the word 'love') gas prices."

"I'm on the gas can diet. I can either eat or drive," read another.

And the last one she showed has an image of a gas pump nozzle, with the words, "Arm and a leg."