Latest "Big Brother" Twist: "Love Matches"

Sixteen men and women will soon be living in the "Big Brother" house as the show's latest season -- and first in winter -- gets under way Tuesday.

The scheming strangers -- roommates and rivals -- will be locked away from the world for 90 days.

The houseguests are from all walks of life, and all parts of the United States.

But they have one thing in common: Each is certain he or she win the half-million dollar grand prize.

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And they were more than willing to share their reasoning on The Early Show Wednesday, as Big Brother host and Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen revealed the cast's makeup for the first time:

ALLISON, Single, 28, Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, from Boston:
"I'm sort of the girl next door, but I've definitely had my share of life experiences, but I'm not afraid to be BAD."

JOSHUAH, Single, 25, Advertising Media Buyer, from Dallas
"America, I'm going to give you crazy, funny, back-stabbing, hilarious, hot, sexy, smokin'. I'm gonna give it all to you."

AMANDA, Single, 23, Paralegal, from Fridley, Minn.
"People don't think I'm smart when they meet me. So then, when they find out that I'm smart, they're kind of intimidated. Because I'll blow you away with my looks, and then turn around and blow you away again with my brains!

ALEX, Single, 24, DJ Company Owner, from Staten Island, N.Y.
"People that whine and cry about, 'Oh, slop,' or, 'Oh, my family at home' -- well, if you were so worried about missing them, or so worried about what you were going to be eating, you shouldn't have gotten involved in 'Big Brother.' Plain and simple."

PARKER, Single, 26, Paparazzo, from Northridge, Calif.
"I'm a very vengeful person. So, you know, if someone downright s**ews me over, I mean, I'm gonna do it, like, a thousand times harder." (He then chuckled) "Definitely."

Executive Producer Allison Grodner says the players about to enter the Big Brother House are like none you've seen before.

"We have a group of really energetic people," Grodner told Chen. "These people are over the top, some amazing characters. ... We have a bikini barista, is what she's called. She runs a coffee shop in Oregon, and serves coffee in her bikini!"

NATALIE, Single, 28, "Bikini Barista," from Salem, Ore.
"I have no problem showing my body. Or anything like that, either. Which is kinda funny, because people say, 'How can you be religious and show your body?' Well, God created the human body. So, what's wrong with it?"

"We have a former Penthouse Pet," Grodner continued. "She's a single mom, so it's in her past. But she still looks terrific."

SHEILA, Single Mom, 45, Former Model
"If there's a really hot guy in there, and there's some chemistry happening, that might be really fun, too!"

MATT, Single, 23, Roofing Foreman, from Charleston, Mass.
"I'll tell the women anything they want to hear. I'll tell them how good they look, how nice they smell. ... I will lay it on thick as possible for these women. I really don't even care!"

" 'Crazy James, ' " Grodner said. "That's interesting, something we've never seen in this house. He actually considers himself homeless, because he is traveling around the world on his bicycle, and has no money to his name."

"CRAZY JAMES," Single, 21, Originally From Sarasota, Fla., Riding Bicycle Around The World
"I'll probably be walking around in my underwear all the time. ... Maybe, after week six, I'm just going to say, 'F*ck clothes,' and just be naked. What are they gonna do? (He laughed)

But, Chen points out, it wouldn't be "Big Brother" without a big twist.

Each houseguest filled out a "love match" profile as part of his or her application.

Says Grodner, "Sixteen singles, living in a house, suddenly discover their perfect love match is sitting right next to them. ... Your life in the house depends on this other person. You're going to sleep in the same bed together. You're going to compete together. Hold the 'head of household' together. Get nominated together. And ultimately, get evicted together."

"Is it all male/female coupling?" Chen asked.

"There will be some gay men in the house," Grodner responded. "And certainly, you can expect, therefore, it won't all be heterosexual couples."

NEIL, Single, 29, Realtor, from Los Angeles
"When I'm with somebody, 'Oh, why are you with somebody? You're attractive, you should be with everyone!' And when I AM single, it's, 'Why don't you have somebody?' "

CHELSEA, Single, 21, College Student, from Cedar Falls, Iowa
" 'Big Brother,' they know me. And I'm sure they're going to put in my guy. You know, my typical, 'ohhhhh' heartthrob. So, it's gonna be hard. We'll see what happens, I guess. Close your eyes, dad! (She laughed)

The other contestants are:

Adam, Single, 29, Public Relations Manager, from Del Ray Beach, Fla., via Cherry Hill, N.J.

Jacob, Single, 23, Electrician, from Dallas, Ga.

Jen, Single, 26, Bartender from Columbus, Ohio

Ryan, Single, 27, College Student, from Columbus, Ohio

Sharon, Single, 23, Realtor, from Olathe, Kan.