Kick Keswick & The Royal Jewels

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Novelist Marne Davis Kellogg is back with a third installment of her popular Kick Keswick mystery series.

In "Perfect," Kick, as the world's greatest jewel thief, is called upon to recover jewels stolen from the queen.

Her quest takes her to some of the most exclusive spots in the world, and pits her against a foe almost as clever as she is. to read an excerpt.

"She is extremely empowering," Davis Kellogg says, describing Kick to The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith. "She is not a chick; she's a grown-up woman."

If her character were to be played in a movie, she says, someone like Kathleen Turner or Meryl Streep would be best suited for the role. Kick Keswick is unembarrassed about her choices in life, and maybe a few extra pounds heavy.

"If Nicole (Kidman) would agree to gain 30, 40 pounds, she would be fine," Davis Kellogg says, "Annette Bening would be good, if she did the same thing, or Sharon Stone. There are some wonderful choices."

Food, in particular Kick's Devil's Food Cake, plays a big role in "Perfect." Kick "becomes obsessed by it," Davis Kellogg says, pointing out that readers of her latest novel are becoming obsessed as well. If you would like her recipe and menus from the book, visit

Besides wonderful food, Davis Kellogg says she likes to incorporate great wines and beautiful locations in her books — all of which require a lot of research from her part.

"It costs a lot," she says. "It costs my husband a ton for me to write these books. But he's a good sport. We go to beautiful places."

Overall, she says, what her readers are attracted to the most is that Kick Keswick is a "fully realized woman."

"Remember in (the film,) 'Fried Green Tomatoes,' when Kathy Bates crashes into the cars?" Davis Kellogg says. "She says (paraphrasing): you may be cuter and have a cuter car, but I'm older and have more insurance. So that's what it is. Women over 40 are very powerful. I don't think that they realize how much power they really have."