Jennifer Petkov, Mich. Woman Who Bullied Dying Child, Evicted from Home by Judge

Kathleen Edwards knew what it was like not just to live, but also to die with Huntington's Disease. The 9-year-old girl watched the debilitating disorder, which progressively destroys the mind and control of the body, take her mother's life in 2009. With the disease herself, Kathleen was the victim of a horrible cyber-bullying attack by her Trenton, Mich. neighbor, who posted pictures of Kathleen and her mother with skulls, crossbones and the Grim Reaper on Facebook. The story drew support for Kathleen from all around the world. After enduring cyber-bullying, Kathleen died Wednesday at home. Keep clicking to see photos friends and family posted on a Facebook page in support of Kathleen...
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Kathleen Edward, Trenton, Mich. girl dying of Huntington's Disease, who was cyberbullied by neighbor Jennifer Petkow (Personal Photo)

(CBS/AP) Jennifer Petkov needs help. A Michigan judge is trying to make sure that she gets it.

Last fall, Petkov of Trenton, Mich., admitted taunting a dying 7-year-old girl named Kathleen Edward online, by posting a picture of the child's crying face over crossed bones. She also posted a picture of Kathleen's mother, who died in 2009 of the same fatal disease, in the embrace of the grim reaper.

Now, the 33-year old Petkov has been ordered to move out of her home, after pleading guilty to assault and battery for trying to run over a different neighbor.

Police say the Detroit-area woman tried to hit the neighbor as she crossed the street to visit the grandmother of the dying 7-year-old, who has Huntington's Disease. In addition to the eviction Tuesday, Wayne County Circuit Judge Carole Youngblood sentenced Petkov to 18 months' probation and ordered her to get psychological and substance abuse evaluations.

Among her other probation terms, Petkov must attend anger management counseling, have no contact with the neighbor who filed the assault complaint, and must stay out of a five-block area surrounding her old address, according to The Detroit News.

Any violation will result in Petkov serving 93 days in the Wayne County Jail, according to a statement released after the sentencing by the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.

Petkov and her husband Scott have been involved in a long feud with the grandmother of 7-year-old Kathleen Edward.

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