Indiana to India: Fugitive Killer Mahfuz Huq Caught in New Delhi after 20 Years, Say Cops

Indiana to India: Fugitive Killer Mahfuz Huq Caught in New Delhi after 20 Years, Say Cops
(AP Photo, file)

(CBS/AP) After two decades on the run, Mahfuz Huq, a Bangladeshi man who disappeared from Indiana shortly after a romantic rival was fatally stabbed, was arrested in New Delhi last week and awaits extradition to the United States on a murder charge.

The Justice Department said Huq was arrested at the airport on a provisional arrest request made by the U.S. Huq allegedly fled the United States in 1989 after 19-year-old Todd Kelley was attacked from behind and killed in his bedroom.

The murder case has been featured on "Unsolved Mysteries" and "America's Most Wanted."

Indiana State Police Detective Kevin Smith started working on the case in 1999 and got more intensely involved in 2005.

Smith said he had long suspected that Huq was in Bangladesh and was able to track him down through old-fashioned police work and a little luck.

Prior to Kelly's murder, Huq, now 44, was accused of threatening to kill anyone who dated his former girlfriend, Christine Mutzfeld, and was facing a felony charge of intimidation filed three weeks prior to Kelly's death.

Kelly's father, Vern, said Huq had threatened his son, warning him not to go out with Mutzfeld, but he did not actually think he was serious.

According to court documents, Huq broke into Kelly's home in Hamilton, about 30 miles northeast of Fort Wayne, on Aug. 9, 1989. Police believe he hid in the bathroom next to Kelly's bathroom and attacked him from behind.

An autopsy showed Kelley died of multiple stab wounds, including one through the heart.

Huq was charged with the murder two weeks later; however, he was already on the run.

The Justice Department says the United States has 60 days from the date of arrest to submit an extradition request.