Homeland Security Pilot Charged with Lying, in Case of Drowned Immigrant

(AP Photo, file)
(AP Photo, file)

HOUSTON (CBS/AP) Prosecutors have charged a Department of Homeland Security helicopter pilot with lying to investigators who were looking into allegations he flew too close to two would-be illegal immigrants crossing the Rio Grande, one of whom drowned.

Forty-one-year-old James Peters is charged with four counts of making false statements to an investigator.

He was indicted last month by a grand jury but his indictment wasn't unsealed until Tuesday, after his arrest in Maine.

Prosecutors say Peters lied about a Dec. 14, 2005, incident near a border bridge in which Peters flew his helicopter low in an attempt to force back two people trying to cross the river on a flotation device.

They say one of the two lost contact with the device and drowned.