Hay Is For Horses

About to head on the road for a couple of upcoming stories -- one on personal space travel (a la Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic) and another on neighborhood-based groups looking to reduce their carbon footprint through working together (a la WeightWatchers Meetings to reduce, well, weight). In the meantime, I have a troubling story airing tonight on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric that definitely will have some people cringing and outraged at the same time. It's about the hay shortage in parts of the southeast, caused primarily by last year's drought. As a result, the price of hay has gone up dramatically (doubling, even tripling) such that small famrs simply can't cope with the rising costs. Some owners are making sacrifices in their own life to feed their horse friends, but others are abandoning horses along highways or in city parks.

Human center are at capacity in some cases, and the problem isn't getting any better at the moment. Hundreds of horses are starving, and some are dying as a result. The Kentucky Horse Council held an emergency meeting this week, and a hay "hotline" has been established to bring in donations and match them with those in need. But more needs to be done. I hope you'll tune in tonight to see this important story.

UPDATE: here's the

Evening News piece.