Harvey Updyke (UPDATE): Accused Auburn tree-poisoner arraigned, assigned attorney

Harvey Updyke (WRBL)
Harvey Updyke (UPDATE): Accused tree-killer arraigned, assigned attorney
Harvey Updyke
(AP Photo/Auburn Public Safety Department)

(CBS/WRBL) AUBURN, Ala. - Documents from Harvey Updyke Jr.'s first appearance in Lee County Circuit Court Thursday spell out the conditions the man accused of poisoning the 130-year-old Toomer's Oaks, the landmark gathering place of Auburn University victory celebrations, must meet if he is released on bond.

The 62-year-old unemployed man, who remains in custody at the Lee County Detention Center on a charge of criminal mischief in the first degree, had bond set at $50,000.

If he makes bond, Updyke will not be allowed on the Auburn University campus or any AU properties or facilities, according to court documents obtained by CBS affiliate WRBL.

He also cannot "harass, annoy or otherwise commit any acts which would cause alarm toward any witness in this case; any Auburn University officials, students or law enforcement officials."

Updyke is not allowed to possess any firearms, weapons or toxic/dangerous chemicals, substances or herbicides, the documents read.

He must also complete an anger management program and is required to remain in contact with the bondsman.

The court appointed Philip Tyler as Updyke's attorney. Tyler was not immediately available for comment.

Included in court documents was an affidavit charging Updyke with criminal mischief in the first degree. That affidavit states that Updyke provided a statement admitting to making a call to "The Paul Finebaum Show" on Jan. 27, during which he admitted to poisoning the trees. According to the document, Updyke later denied poisoning the trees to police.

The court documents also show that Updyke is retired and separated from his wife.