Handcuffed burglary suspect drives off in Nevada police car

Handcuffed burglary suspect drives off in police car

(CBS) - Like we told you earlier today...everyone likes a joyride. So free, so uninhibited...only this time, it involved a stolen cop car.

Police in Henderson, Nevada reported a 19-year-old man arrested for burglary was able to climb from the back seat of a squad car and take it for a ride. That's quite a feat considering the suspect was handcuffed the whole time.

The unidentified suspect drove off in the Chevrolet Tahoe while officers stood outside the vehicle shortly after apprehending him, according to CBS affiliate KLAS.

Police spokesman Todd Rasmussen told Reuters the young man was able to slide his handcuffed hands out from behind his back and squeeze through a square-foot-wide opening in the plexiglass window separating the back from the driver's seat.

"He was pretty thin," Rasmussen said.


Using GPS, the police say they tracked the car and found it along with the suspect about two miles down the road. The joyrider is now facing additional charges of escaping from police and theft.

We assume he's being handcuffed more tightly.