Grown-ups need summer camp too

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(MoneyWatch) COMMENTARY Summer has snuck up on me. School is ending soon and my kids are woefully under-scheduled for the coming months. To rectify this, I recently started hunting through various brochures: Art classes, music classes, exercise classes. It turns out that in my neighborhood, a kid can pack a lot of enrichment into a few months if he wants.

But as I was marking pages on painting classes, I had a thought: I'm not sure if my kids are interested in this stuff, but I am. I've always wanted to learn to draw better, and to get better acquainted with my digital camera. Maybe I'm the one who should be signing up for camp.

It's not that crazy an idea. I do believe that even the busiest people can fit big personal projects into their lives if they try. I also think that trying something new and different is productive. Using your brain in different ways -- by taking voice lessons, or learning how to paint -- can jar all sorts of creative thoughts loose.

But all too often we assume that enrichment activities are only for kids. We spend our time shuttling them around, then claim we have no time for doing such things for ourselves. Better to find a different balance -- one where all members of a family can pursue things for fun and edification.

What kind of "summer camp" would you like to attend?