Golf commentator Gary McCord talks how his failures became an asset in the booth

(CBS News) Friend and colleague David Feherty has written on Twitter about CBS Sports golf analyst Gary McCord, "The only way to shut McCord up is to ask him to talk about his wins on the PGA Tour."

McCord never won a tournament in 23 years. But he's had much more success on television, proving to be a unique voice for commentary on the course, says "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King.

On "CTM" Friday, McCord explained his style. "I was really bad at what I did," he said. "Usually you hire somebody to go up and talk about it, and they had to be good to tell you how good these guys are. Well, I was really bad, so I just kind of laughed with everyone on their bad shots and go, 'I remember that,' and just try to make it more fun. You know, there's a lot of the guys on the couch that fall asleep during golf, so my job is to keep them awake."

And as for Feherty's tweet, McCord joked, "David, thank you wherever you are ... He's old just like me."

In addition to talking about his commentary work, McCord also discussed the challenges for players at this year's U.S. Open, going on now in Ardmore, Pa., at the Merion Golf Club.

Watch the video above for his thoughts on Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia and others golfers set to make a move at this year's event.