Get The Ultimate Body

If you've ever wondered how actresses and supermodels get their pre-baby body back in a matter of weeks, the answer is simple: hard work and sometimes, David Kirsh.

Kirsch's book "The Ultimate New York Body Plan," promises the dramatic results you've seen in Hollywood. And it has been re-released with a workout DVD.

"It is possible," Kirsch says. "The program combines diet and challenging exercises for 14 days. You are working out 90 minutes a day. Which means you are gaining muscle and losing fat. It's also mentally motivates you to want to succeed."

The plan has three main components: Philosophy, Diet and Fitness. He advises users to prepare themselves mentally for the rigorous two-week plan. Here is what the preparation entails:

Motivation: Find that thing that will drive you. Have a specific goal. Stay focused. Prepare for success (i.e.: cleaning out the kitchen of bad foods).

Visualization: Visually integrate how the fitness program will work in your life.

Transformation: Embrace your best body. Don't try and get someone else's best body. Commit to change, and then, make and maintain that change.

Kirsch offers five meals per day.

He explains, "We start every day with a shake and supplements (protein and mineral supplements and pills). At 10 a.m., eat an egg white and spinach frittata with turkey bacon. For lunch there is sesame salmon on a bed of field greens. And finally for dinner (at 4 p.m.), there is turkey lasagna. We finish the day with another protein shake."

He advises to stay away from certain foods:

"I call them "David Rules A-F,' which is an acronym for: Alcohol, Bread, Carbs, Dairy, Extra Sweets, like sugar or artificial sweeteners, and Fruit or added Fat. These are the foods you have to exclude from your diet for the first two weeks. But after 14 days you can incorporate one these foods back into your diet each day. It's like a rotation. For example, on Monday you have pasta, on Tuesday you have a dessert, and so on.

"Generally, you can eat anything that swims or flies. I suggest cutting down on red meat because it's higher in fat. Eliminating meat also helps clean your body out. I also recommend that your chicken be organic. Eat organic as possible because there are no steroids. The key is not to eat anything that is going to bloat you."

There is also a recommended schedule for eating. He says, "You should work to get all of these meals in between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. It helps keep you lean and hard."

As for snack foods, he suggests asparagus, red peppers, raw almonds, and celery. The menus are in his book.

He demonstrated a few exercises to help you get ready for Labor Day. He did not do them alone; two Early Show plaza audience members proved how easy the exercises can be.

He showed how to do the "Sumo Lung With Side Kicks," "Close Grip Push-Ups" and "Oblique Crunches."

He says the 90-minute routine can be broken down in two. So you don't have to do it all at once.

To read an excerpt from his book click here. And for more information, visit his Web site at, David Kirsch's Ultimate New York Body Plan.