Gas Prices Fueling Changes

It's not exactly a news flash that gas prices are at record highs, CBS News Correspondent Jim Axelrod.

Just about everyone who fills up his or her car has had that moment in the past several months, when they've done that gas pump double-take: $2.30, $2.40, 2.50 a gallon, and more. The $40 fill-up.

It's become part of all of our conversations.

Axelrod was talking to his brother-in-law Sunday, and the first thing he said was, "I saw my first 3.00 a gallon gas."

But what may surprise you are the many ways the high price of gas are starting to affect Americans coast to coast.

Monday morning, Axelrod starts a two-week, 2,500 mile drive across the country to document some of the ways in a 12-part series.

For instance, Axelrod plans a stop in Williamsport, Pa., where the Little League World Series is under way, to see how it's affected the family and friends of the players who've come from all over the United States and beyond.

Tuesday will be Sandusky, Ohio, and an amusement park that's cut prices to compensate for the high price of gas.