Gardening Projects For Kids

Kids gardening
CBS/The Early Show
For many folks gardening is relaxing and full of fun. So why not get your kids involved?

The Early Show green thumb, Charlie Dimmock, visits to share some gardening projects that the whole family will enjoy.

"You want to inspire them," Dimmock tells The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm. Here are some of the projects Dimmock recommends:

Plant Heads with Hair

  • Start with your old pantyhose.
  • Add a little bit of compost in the stocking
  • Sprinkle a few wheat grass seeds, but you can also use normal grass
  • Add more compost
  • Tie the stocking
  • Stand it up on a container that will hold water.
  • Fill container with water to get the stocking soaked up
  • The grass will grow straight up through the stocking
  • Kids can draw faces on the stocking so the grass becomes the hair
  • Once the grass grows, kids can give the grass a haircut and it will re-grow.

Create faces, letters or symbols with plants
  • On the soil, put a piece of paper in the shape you want the plant to grow. The concept is basic stenciling.
  • Add gravel around it
  • Remove the stenciled paper and replace it with cotton.
  • Water the cotton and add on top seeds of alfalfa or sprouts.
  • The plan will grow in the shape your child creates

"The great thing is if they've grown the plants themselves, they're more likely to eat them," Dimmock says.

Decorate Pots
Use paint if it is a clay pot, or stickers if it is a plastic pot

Create a Bird Feeder

  • In a bowl add Crisco or lard
  • Add birdseed and raisins and mix well
  • Take half a coconut and make a hole in the middle so a string can go through and tie it. The string will be used to hang the coconut
  • Add mixture in the coconut and put it in the fridge
  • When solid hang the coconut up

  • Another idea: You may create for your children a tepee with pieces of timber and a grapevine around it underneath you can put a pillow so they can find it as a refuge in the garden.