For Sale: Entire Block

Minutes from downtown Charlotte, N.C., is a safe, welcoming neighborhood, nurtured with pride by residents over the years.

Young families live side by side with retirees, such as Charlie and Helen King.

Helen tells Strassman, "It's a beautiful place. The neighbors are lovely, and just like family."

Even if you don't live on Sherbrooke Drive, it feels like home, says CBS News Correspondent Mark Strassmann.

"I've heard it referred to as a 'Leave It to Beaver' neighborhood," says resident Keith Fackrell, "and probably, in the truest sense of the words."

So, asks Strassman, once you're lucky enough to live on a street like that, who would ever want to move?

The answer, he says, is everyone.

Sherbrooke drive is for sale. Not just one house or another, but every house on the block, 22 families in all, people eager not only to leave their all-American street, but to see every house flattened.

"I think everyone thought we were nuts," concedes resident Jim Rogers. "Me more than anyone."

Rogers is a realtor. But, notes Strassman, this is also Mr. Rogers' neighborhood.

He persuaded his neighbors to do business with people they know — each other — and sell. And every last one of them agreed.