Fonda Reflects On 'Monster'

Two-time Academy Award winner Jane Fonda is one of the most acclaimed actresses of her generation. She had practically retired from film making, until she decided to make her return to the big screen playing Jennifer Lopez's mother-in-law from hell.

"Monster-In-Law," her first movie in 15 years, makes its way to video stores Tuesday. Entertainment contributor and People magazine Senior Editor Jess Cagle has all the details in The Early Show's Home Theater.

"The reason why I left 15 years ago was because it was becoming agony for me," Fonda says of film making. "But I'm a very different person, so I wondered if it would be fun again. You know, why not?"

The big-screen release of the movie last spring coincided with the publication of Fonda's best-selling autobiography.

"I like being a supporting actress. I don't have to show up everyday. I was still writing the book, so it was the perfect thing. It may never be so perfect again," Fonda says.

In "Monster-In-Law," Fonda plays Viola Fields, a network news anchor who has a nervous breakdown when she is fired.

When Viola's only son announces he is going to get married, she's afraid she'll lose him the way she's lost her career.

With the help of her trusted assistant, played by Wanda Sykes, Viola sets out to scare off her son's new fiancée.

"The script came along and it was funny and it gave me the chance to play an outrageous character and I've never done anything before quite like her," says Fonda.

The two-disc DVD includes deleted scenes showing just how outrageous she was willing to be.

Another reason Fonda made "Monster-In-Law" was to endow her Atlanta-based charities with half her salary. The film became one of the actress' biggest hits, taking in $130 million worldwide. With audiences welcoming her back with open arms, many wonder if Fonda will be making another return to Hollywood.

"I don't want to recreate a career for myself. I thought I would never make another movie, I was through with it. I didn't regret it; I didn't miss it or anything. If the right thing came along I would, yeah. I've got to put the money in the endowments," she said with a laugh.

The double DVD also has hilarious behind-the-scenes documentaries, hosted by Wanda Sykes.

Other DVDs making their way to stores on Tuesday include anniversary editions of "The Blues Brothers" and "Pretty Woman" and the "Clueless 'Whatever' Edition."