Florida brothers impersonate cops, get arrested by real ones

Greg and Glenn Hooper

(CBS/WKMG) Two Florida brothers apparently like playing cops and robbers - well, actually, just the cops part.

Greg and Glenn Hooper, brothers from Orange County, were arrested Monday for impersonating police officers, according to CBS affiliate WKMG.

Deputies said both brothers owned an unmarked Ford Crown Victoria, equipped with emergency lights, sirens and antennas on the trunk. They said they also found a radio, microphone, a spotlight, handcuffs and a semi-automatic inside Glenn Hooper's car.

Deputies were first tipped off about the car when a driver called 911 after Glenn Hooper allegedly pulled up behind him and activated his emergency strobe lights and siren, WKMG reported. The driver said after he moved to the right lane, thinking he was being stopped by the police, Hooper sped off.

Deputies found the car parked at Glenn Hooper's home. After questioning him, they said he admitted to using his lights and sirens and said, "I didn't mean for that guy to think I'm a law enforcement officer, but he wouldn't get out of my way," the station reported.

While deputies were questioning Glenn Hooper, they said his brother, Greg, pulled up to the home in a similar vehicle.


According to the arrest report, Glenn Hooper told deputies he worked with the Seminole County Sheriff's Office as their crime watch liaison and also at Rachel's Gentleman's Club as their security adviser.

Greg Hooper also said he worked for Rachel's Gentleman's Club.

According to WKMG, the Orange County Sheriff and the club locations all denied the Hooper brothers' claims.

Neighbor Mike Harker told the station he's seen Glenn Hooper walking around with a badge and said he even spotted Hooper pulling a driver over.

"He had a car pulled over. He was just standing at the window lecturing him about slowing down, obeying the speed limit," Harker said.

According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, in 2006, Glenn Hooper was arrested for impersonating an officer in Eatonville, but the charges were later dropped.