Family Saves Boy, 2, From Pit Bull

Brent Stofer may owe his life to his mother and sister.

They pulled the 2-year-old from the jaws of a pit bull Monday night.

Kim Stofer says she was in the family home in the rural, northern California community of Prunedale, when she suddenly heard Brent "screaming violently" in the backyard, which is fully enclosed.

On Wednesday, she told The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen that she and Brent's 12-year-old sister "raced out of the house, and we could see the pit bull on my son. He had him pinned down, and his teeth were locked on to his stomach.

"My other two dogs were trying to get at the (pit bull). We raced over there, and I grabbed his jaws, and my daughter … helped me pull his jaws open, and we were able to get them out cleanly so they didn't rip (Brent's) stomach.

"I grabbed the dog by the back of the collar and lifted him and threw him over our metal gate, and I just praised God that we had the strength to do that, because I know that their jaws can lock like a vice grip, and also just be able to throw him over the gate."

After they threw him over the gate, she says, the dog lunged back.

"His mouth was all bloody from his teeth being inside of (Brent's) stomach," she says, "and he lunged back to attack me, and I held the gate closed. And he knew he could pry the gate open enough to get at us, and that's what he wanted.

"So, my daughter ran back to the house with the baby and she called 911, and then I held the gate and I had a scooter that I started — I thought that I could scare him away by hitting him with the scooter, but he became more violent than ever, and just kept lunging at the fence. … It was like a nightmare. I knew I needed to help my son but …"