Elderly Minn. Couple, 91 and 82, Resist Shovel-Wielding Intruder

Betty, 82, and husband Wally, 91 (WCCO)

(CBS/WCCO) A 92-year-old Minnesota man and his 82-year-old wife say they weren't scared, but the guy trying to rob them might have been.

A masked intruder wanting money barged into the St. Charles apartment of Wally and Betty (last name intentionally withheld) a little over a week ago. He didn't get any money - just resistance, reports CBS station WCCO.

Wally was sitting at his computer when the man entered his home.

"He just that doorway, standing there with a shovel," said Wally. "I thought, 'what the hell is going on here?' I thought it was a joke!," the World War II veteran told WCCO.

After hearing all the commotion, his wife, Betty, went to the front of the house and found Wally on the floor; he'd been punched in the nose and was bleeding.

"I sat on the edge of the bed," said Betty. "He says, 'give me your hands! I'm going to tie you up!' And I said, 'No, I don't think so."

Neither of them was about to give in to the burglar's demands. After a couple minutes of struggling, the man ran out the door with nothing, WCCO reported.

"I'm damn near 92 years old. So, I've lived my life. He's got his ahead of him, and it might not be too rosy, you know?" Wally said.

The intruder is described as a white man in his early 20s, with a black stocking cap and gray ski mask. He's said to be about 5-foot-10, with a slender build, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and black nylon jogging pants.

Despite the couple's bravery, and the happy outcome, police generally don't recommend being uncooperative with an armed intruder.

Wally and Betty will celebrate their 63rd wedding anniversary in March.