Dressing Up For The Classroom

Kids across the country are gearing up for the new school year, which includes shopping for back-to-school clothes. So style maven Christy Ferer visits The Early Show to share the following lesson on the latest fashion trends hitting the hallways and classrooms this fall:

Dressier and Feminine
- For the new school year, styles are a little bit more feminine and dressier. Parents will be happy to discover more covered-up looks, instead of the belly-baring styles of seasons past. Shrunken fitted jackets in denim and corduroy will help show less skin.

Retro - The fashions of the '70s rule again with retro and classic styles mixing for a more updated look. Returning to the classroom are lots of preppy pieces from Polo shirts to short pleated skirts. Also making the grade is argyle, plaid, tweed, and especially corduroy. For girls, it's all about embellishments like rhinestones, embroidery, and patchwork adorning jeans and other clothing.

Bohemian and Western - Also returning this season is bohemian chic, while Western styles step in as the newest trend with tiered prairie skirts, redone from the summer in fabrics like denim, corduroy and velvet, as well as cowboy boots and western-style belts. The clog is another footwear style going stronger than ever. As for the season's colors, they range from bright bold oranges, golden yellows and powerful reds, to warm earthy browns and olive greens.

- Eclectic fashions run the gamut from preppy and outdoorsy to skater and surfer-inspired styles. Tops range from button-down, to polo, to rugby, to layered T-shirts - often vintage looking.

Layered – Layering is key with short sleeved tees worn over long sleeved ones. Boys can also opt for skater cool with an oversized "twofer" - two shirts that are connected. "The" jacket of the season is the tracksuit jacket, which is the up-to-date style of the hoodie. Also receiving high marks are corduroy separates and baggy cargo pants, which are still going strong. However, the "cool ones" are the enhanced cargo pants. For shoes, Converse-like sneakers made of subtle leather. Timberland-style work boots and retro style track shoes take the lead.

Overall leading trends include preppy and retro/vintage, with layering and denim still ruling in all sorts of cuts and washes for boys and girls of all ages.

The following are the outfits featured on The Early Show:

Look No.1
Rosebud and Mango reversible down vest from LL Bean, $29.50,
Green polo shirt by Le Tigre, $32.50,
Lavender popo sweater by Arizona, $22,
Orange corduroy patchwork pant by Boden, $44,
Plum grape run-about clogs from LL Bean, $29.50,
LeSportSac "Tunes" Basic Backpack, $74,

Look No.2
Navy puffy jacket with removable sleeves from Le Tigre, $84,
Blue Oxford shirt, $12.50, & uniform neck tie, $6.50,
Track jacket from Le Tigre, $57.50,
Jeans from the Gap, $20,
Leather wallabea Shoes from the Gap, $34.50,

Look No.3
Jean jacket with butterfly rhinestone motif, $30,
Turquoise t-shirt from Hollister, $19.50,
Tiered prairie-like denim skirt with turquoise and leather belt, $30,
Old West Western Boot, $40,

Look No.4
Athletic track jacket, $24.50,
Mini waffle crew in redwood, $18,
5-varsity tee, $16.50,
Corduroy cargo pant, $22,
Light blue corduroy trackers by PF Flyers, $80.00,
Soccer ball, $9.99,

Look No.5
Liz Claiborne scooter navy uniform skirt, $28, from
Hollister bone zip up fitted jacket, $69.50,
Le Tigre pink striped polo shirt, $37.50,
Esprit pink rabbit hair cable knit cardigan, $79,
Esprit pink knit scarf, $29,
Argyle driving cap, $12.50,
PF Flyers navy Center high tops, $70, OR
Pink Quilted Grounder Low Tops, $55,
Pink suede ballet flats with flower detail from Payless, $13,

Look No. 6
Hooded skater sweatshirt, $16,