Dressing Down: Colorado Eagles asst. Greg Pankewicz suspended for angry "striptease" during hockey game

Greg Pankewicz, shirtless during game, Feb. 20, 2011

(CBS/AP/KCNC) LOVELAND, Colo. - It was hardly a crime against humanity.

A crime against hockey, maybe.

Assistant coach Greg Pankewicz of the Central Hockey League's Colorado Eagles literally couldn't keep his shirt on when he lost his cool during a recent game, so he's been suspended for the rest of the season.

Pankewicz became incensed a week ago Saturday when a referee tackled an Eagles player after a fight broke out in a win over the Mississippi RiverKings.

First Pankewicz dressed down the official, then he partially undressed himself - tossing his jacket onto the ice, followed by his shirt, undershirt and what appeared to be his shoes.

Commissioner Duane Lewis said the league "will not tolerate such behavior," suspending Pankewicz for the final 14 games of the season and fining him an undisclosed amount. The team was also fined.

Rest of the the dressing room.