Domonique Ramirez Update: Pageant Countersues Texas Beauty Queen in Dispute Over Crown

Pageant organizers have said 17-year-old Ramirez was insubordinate, overweight at times, and chronically late to events that required her presence, reports CBS affiliate KENS. Linda Woods, President of the Board of Directors for the Miss Bexar County Organization, Inc., previously said violations other than the weight gain - such as having a dirty sash and broken crown - were bigger issues.
Domonique Ramirez

(CBS/KENS/AP) Domonique Ramirez, the 17-year-old Miss San Antonio who lost her crown amid allegations of weight gain and breaking other pageant rules, had sued contest organizers to reclaim her title.

On Wednesday, pageant organizers filed a counterclaim that accuses Ramirez of violating Miss San Antonio rules "almost from the very beginning" since she won in April.

Friday will be decision day as to whether Ramirez can keep her crown. State District Judge Cathleen Stryker said she'll rule then on a temporary injunction that would let Ramirez continue to wear the crown - heavy though it may be - at least for now.

Judge Stryker said she will accept attorneys' written arguments Thursday for consideration before she rules, according to CBS affiliate KENS.

Ramirez said Wednesday she considers herself Miss San Antonio. She also again denied putting on weight since she won the local pageant at a height and weight of 5-foot-8, 129-pounds.