Domonique Ramirez (PICTURES): Will Beauty Queen Lose Crown After Weight Gain Allegations?

After the verdict, State District Judge Barbara Hanson Nellermoe ordered her crown returned and directed that Ramirez be allowed to participate in the upcoming Miss Texas pageant. Jurors declined to award her any monetary damages.
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Domonique Ramirez (PICTURES): Will Beauty Queen Lose Crown After Weight Gain Allegations?
Domonique Ramirez (Personal Photo)

(CBS/KENS/AP) A Texas judge will decide who will be Miss San Antonio after pageant officials tried to boot pageant winner Domonique Ramirez over alleged violations - including packing on a few pounds.

PICTURES: Texas Teen Beauty Queen Stripped of Crown

Ramirez has sued to stop pageant officials from taking away her title and chance to compete to be Miss Texas - and possibly Miss America

But pageant organizers say they did the right thing.

"The violations just continue to persist, without any remorse or accountability," said Linda Woods, President of the Board of Directors for the Miss Bexar County Organization, Inc.

Pageant organizers say 17-year-old Ramirez was insubordinate, overweight at times, and chronically late to events that required her presence, reports CBS affiliate KENS.

Woods wouldn't say how much weight Ramirez gained since the pageant last spring. But Woods says other violations - such as having a dirty sash and broken crown - were bigger problems than her weight.

Woods said the final straw came when Ramirez modeled for a bridal show, despite being told not to by pageant organizers. Wearing wedding gowns got the teenager an e-mail last week notifying her that the title was no longer hers.

"I mean we were left with no choice; it was jeopardizing the image of Miss San Antonio and the organization," said Woods.

"I think that they're just trying to kick me out," said Ramirez, who broke down in tears at a news conference, overwhelmed, she said by the nature of the accusations against her, reports KENS.

Flanked at a table by her mother and father, Ramirez said she was unable to make events because the pageant never sent cars or chaperones to get her, which she said was part of the contract.

As for not fitting in some of the outfits she was given to wear, the 17-year old said she made changes to her diet and began exercising.

Ramirez said that she's doing everything that's been asked of her.

Ramirez enlisted the help of the League of United Latin American Citizens, whose lawyers quickly filed for an injunction to let her keep the crown pending a hearing. And instead of a stage, this contest and the judge will be in district court.

"If I get my crown, great. If I don't, the only thing I'm asking is to clear my name. I'm 17. I shouldn't have to be slandered like this and my future shouldn't have to be ruined over this," said Ramirez.