Dancing With The Dogs

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Oh, sure, you love your dog, but ask yourself: When was the last time you took that special pet of yours out dancing?

Doggie dancing, reports CBS News Sunday Morning Correspondent Bill Geist, is all the rage in the canine crowd.

Hard to believe, you say? Doggie dancing not only exists, there are doggie dancing competitions, such as one international event held at the fashionable Airport Ramada in Portland, Ore. Carolyn and her golden retriever, named Promise, were there dancing, sort of, to the "Beer Barrel Polka."

How does it compare to human dancing?

Carolyn, who is canine freestyle competitor, says it's more fun. But she admits she hasn't been out dancing with her husband in 36 years.

Sydney, another canine freestyle competitor, and her papillion, Romeo, came all the way from Miami to perform a Mary Poppins routine.

What do your friends say when you tell them you're into doggie dancing?

"They all know I'm nuts," says Sydney.

Here they call doggie dancing "canine freestyle." Patie Ventre is founder and president of the World Canine Freestyle Organization. She's spreading the doggie dancing gospel worldwide.

What do people think?

Ventre says, "Some of them laugh and say, you're out of your mind. What are you, crazy?"

Is she a little bit crazy?

Ventre responds: "I think you have to be, but you know, in today's world you look for things that are fun and just make you happy and make you smile, and dancing with your dog is fun."