Confederate Flag Incident Gets Ill. High School Student Suspended, Will He Be Charged, Too?

Superintendent: Ill. Student Suspended After Flying Rebel Flag
Cairo High School in Illinois

(CBS/KFVS) A southern Illinois high school student has been suspended after allegedly waving a confederate flag near a school bus filled with rival basketball players and cheerleaders, according to officials.

The case is going to the Johnson County State's Attorney.

Police in Goreville, Ill. told CBS affiliate KFVS that the juvenile at Goreville High School admitted to following the Cairo High School bus after a basketball game Monday night and flying the Confederate flag.

After the game, some Goreville fans reportedly yelled racial slurs at the Cairo players as they went into the locker room.  The players then got dressed and loaded the bus to head back to Cairo, about a 40 mile trip.

Players and cheerleaders on the bus describe a truck displaying a rebel flag pulled up beside the bus. They say the actions nearly caused the bus to run off the road.

The players on the Cairo bus say they think the incident was racially motivated, especially after hearing the name-calling after the game was over.

Illinois State Police began an investigation Monday night.

Goreville Police Chief Eddie Holland says no charges have been filed, but the issue now goes to the Johnson County State's Attorney.