Cold Case White-Hot 9 Years Later

Former Tennessee attorney Perry March, suspected of murdering his wife, is headed back to Nashville to face trial after waiving extradition in a Los Angeles County courthouse. It's the latest chapter in the epic story of a woman missing since 1996.

From the beginning, March has insisted his wife, Janet March, abandoned him and their two children.

He told the CBS News broadcast 48 Hours that, on Aug. 15, 1996, she packed a bag and refused to tell him where she was going: "She said, 'None of your business. See you in a couple of days. See how it is with the kids.' "

With that, Perry says, Janet walked out.

When she hadn't returned by midnight, he called her parents.

Recalls Janet's mother, Carolyn Levine: "I said, 'Perry, don't worry about it. I'm sure, if you had an argument, she's upset. She's probably driving around to cool off, and she'll be back. Call me when she comes home.' "

That call never came and, for a while, neither did a call to police.

"Perry insisted he didn't want to go to police," says Janet's father, Lawrence Levine. "He wanted to go see a private investigator."

Perry insists it was Janet's parents who kept him from going to the police.

When he and Janet's father finally did, two weeks later, police classified it as a missing person case.

Perry says he told their kids "the truth, that Mommy left home. We don't know what happened to her. It's very sad, but that's the truth."

Janet's friends had a hard time believing she would just up and leave.

Said one, "She would never, ever walk away from those children."