Clothes To Go From Summer To Fall

The temperature outside may scream "summer," but department stores are well into fall.

This is a good time to re-evaluate your wardrobe. See what you can wear as temperatures start to cool and what you should put away until next summer.

Lesley Jane Seymour, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire magazine, visits The Early Show, to conduct the Chic on a Shoestring test. She offers the following transitional looks that will carry you right into the fall. These are the perfect solutions for hot days and cooler nights.

Look No.1: Volume Skirt

Put away those long, tiered skirts; they won't help you transition from summer to fall.

Steal On Model No.1:
DKNY Jeans - denim jacket $59
American Eagle - burgundy long-sleeve top $26
American Eagle tweed skirt $48
Total = $133

Splurge On Model No.2
Diesel - denim jacket $350
Zooey - burgundy long-sleeve top $64
Love & Ady - tweed skirt $119
Total = $533

The Difference: Fabric in the Love & Ady skirt is made from heavier tweed while the steal is a cotton blend. Fabric in the Zooey shirt is made from a finer gauge of cotton that makes it extra soft.

Look No. 2: Cardigan

Put away those shrunken blazers from last fall, and instead pick up a cardigan, perfect for cool fall nights or a cold movie theater. This will carry your wardrobe well into fall.

Splurge On Model No.1
J.Crew - camel cardigan $298
Calvin Klein - white tank $20
Meli Melo - denim trousers $200
Grand Total = $518

Steal On Model No.2:
Victoria's Secret - camel cardigan $168
Hanes - white tank $7.99
Gap - denim trousers $29.99
Total = $205.98

The Difference: The J.Crew sweater has more intricate beadwork than the steal. The fabric in the J.Crew cardigan is made from cashmere while the steal is made from a wool blend.

Look No. 3: Classic Dress

A dress can make you feel complete with little thought. Choose one that you can easily layer with a cardigan.

Splurge On Model No.1
Wyeth - tan dress $586
Juicy Couture - black cardigan $240
Total = $826

Steal On Model No. 2
Club Monaco - Tan dress $169
New York & Company - black cardigan $34
Total = $203

The Difference: The fabric in the Wyeth dress is chiffon, while the steal is made from a cotton blend. And the fabric in the Juicy Couture cardigan is cashmere, while the steal is made of a wool blend.