China History Comes To Kentucky

terra cotta army in kentucky
Lexington, affil. WKYT
Saddle up and ride to Lexington, Kentucky, the heart of horse country.

At the Kentucky Horse Park, equine enthusiasts can watch a parade of breeds from far-flung kingdoms.

Visitors to the park are welcomed by a bronze statue of legendary thoroughbred Man o' War, one of horse racing's greatest champions. Twice daily, the park presents a demonstration of selected breeds, from Arabians to Kentucky Saddlebreds, with authentically costumed riders.

China's Terra Cotta Army
In 1974, work began on one of the most significant archaeological digs of the 20th century. When excavation was finished, a life-size army of 7,000 terra cotta soldiers and horses more than 2,000 years old was uncovered.

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And that's not the only exhibition turning heads. This summer, The Art of Imperial China is on display at the International Museum of the Horse.

The horse has played an important role throughout China's history, from the use of chariots to mounted cavalry. Many of the items in the exhibit have never been seen before outside China.

The artifacts span almost 3,000 years of Chinese equestrian history, including 12 life-size figures from the terra cotta army, created in the 3rd century BC.

Summer visitors to the park will find the relationship between humanity and the horse encompasses many nations and centuries.

A special thanks to WKYT, our CBS affiliate, for shooting this Diversions feature for Sunday Morning.

And, a special thanks to viewer Donna Dixon Woodall, an equine photographer from Georgetown, Kentucky.