Calif. child killer gets 75 to life; James Lujan murdered 4-year-old boy, tortured baby girl

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(CBS/AP) A judge has sentenced Lompoc, California man James Lujan to 75 years to life in prison, for killing a 4-year-old boy and torturing a 17-month-old girl. Both victims were children of women Lujan dated.

Santa Barbara County Superior Court Judge Edward Bullard sentenced Lujan on Thursday, after hearing from family members of the 4-year-old victim.

The Santa Maria Times reports the judge said he listened to Lujan's testimony and saw no indication of remorse.

A jury convicted the 30-year-old Lujan of second-degree murder in the 2009 killing of Diego Calles, after prosecutors presented evidence that the defendant became annoyed with the boy's potty-training issues and speech impediment, and beat him.

The jury also convicted Lujan of torturing a 17-month-old girl in 2006.