Brazil Brides Face $300 Fine for Being Late to the Altar

(AP Photo, file)
Itsuo Inouye
Brazil Brides Face $300 Fine If Late To The Altar
(AP Photo, file)

(CBS/AP) Get to the church on time!

One cathedral in Brazil is trying to crack down on tardy brides by fining them $300 for showing up late to their own wedding.

It's a common tradition in the South American nation for brides to arrive at least 10 minutes late. And it's not unusual to be an hour late - or more.

Priest Roberto Carrara at the Nossa Senhora de Lourdes Cathedral in the small southern city of Apucarana is tired of wedding delays disrupting scheduled Masses and other ceremonies.

Cathedral secretary Daiane Evaristo said Wednesday that couples will be required to leave a $300 check as deposit.

They can only get it back if they're on time.

How romantic.