Bootcamp: WaveTop

The next wave for the web. The newest way to get information from the Internet to your PC is without a modem.

If you have a TV tuner card in a Pentium computer with Windows 95, information can be downloaded to your computer via a TV antenna or cable. What you need is a free application called WaveTop. How does it work?

"What we do is use the vertical blanking interval, also known as the VBI, and that's the space in between the video frames on your television signal. And if you've ever seen your picture roll, there's a black line in between it, that's the space where we can embed data into the signal that is not used by the video portion."

All you have to do is leave your computer on for WaveTop to receive the data and then the pages load instantly.

"The real advantage of this is it will allow you to view thirty minutes of content in ten minutes because you're working at hard drive speed as opposed to modem speed, and the types of content that we've collected is the best brands within the most interesting categories from a consumer standpoint."

From sites like The Weather Channel, CBS Sportsline, the Wall Street Journal, Time, People and USA Today. You can check to see if you have the equipment needed and download the software for free from

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