Bootcamp: Networking Computers

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If there's more than one PC in your home of pays to network. I'm Fred Fishkin with Bootcamp, a report on computers and technology.
Networking computers is easier than it sounds....and can save you a lot of money.

Jim Johnson is with Intel's small business networking group....which has a whole family of new products simple enough for anyone...

"If they buy the Intel in business products, what they'll find when they open the box is ...they'll find a set up poster. And the set up poster is specifically designed and written to talk in plain English. We've taken networking terminology out of it and we've explained it with simple to use pictures and diagrams."

You can share printers and modems easily. And software applications can make your network even more valuable. A program called Goldmine is used by big and small offices alike to track contacts and schedules. Goldmine's John Ferrara says field sales people, for instance, can share information inside or outside the office...

"Via Goldmine allowing them to send and receive important contacts, schedule and delegate activities between each other, update each other's calendars. And being able to bring up a contact and view what's pending, who's going to do it, what's been done and who's done it and they can share all this information over the Internet."

Each individual can decide how much information to share. With a rebate...Golmine prices start at 99 dollars. You can find more information at

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