Bootcamp: Mutual Funds

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Tracking your mutual

If you invest in mutual funds....there's a new tool on the net to help you track them. The Mutual Fund Channel uses what is called push technology....from Backweb to give you instant access to your portfolio. You don't have to buy software and the service is free. Mutual Fund Channel president Brad Levine...

"The whole system is completely free to the user. There are no advertisements on the channel and it's sponsored by the mutual fund complexes because what our system allows is...if the user wishes to receive their SEC documentation directly...the prospectus...statements...annual reports...from the mutual fund complexes. The mutual funds can then send it to them electronically."

Which saves a lot of money in printing and mailing costs. Not bad when it comes to saving trees either....

"It's a real win-win scenario. That's why we've been enormously successful and the user response has even exceeded our expectations as well."

The information is broadcast to your internet connected computer...using Backweb....

"It's automatic on the internet. You don't have to go to a web site. You don't even have to open up your browser or check your just have to touch the Internet and it's like a TV tuner. It will actually tune in and deliver the information to you."

You can find the free software for Windows and Macs at
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