Bootcamp: Flat Rates Are Fading


News from the net. Flat rates are fadingÂ…and fun and games.

If you spend much time online, better start watching the clock. Flat rate fees are fading away at some big Internet service providers. IBM's Global Network service now limits subscribers to 100 hours for 19.95 a month.....and AT&T's WorldNet is putting on a 150 hour cap. The idea is to stop people from leaving their computers online 24 hours a day.

But the new limits could hurt online gaming as well. Some folks play for hours on end. Yahoo has created a whole world of online multi-player games that are free and don't require you do download software at all. You will need to use the latest versions of either Netscape or Internet Explorer. Just register an ID and a password....and you're all set to play. The site is at

Like to play games of another sort? You can find a variety of online pranks at It is run by the Outpost Network, where John Arnold says you can have all kinds of fun... creating bogus web sites and email...

"It's a way that you can play a playful joke on someone. There's a psychic reading where the sender can actually know some personal tidbits about the person they want to fool and it appears that there's this psychic online."

It makes April Fools Day last all year long.
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