Bootcamp: Digital Entertainment

Envisioning the future of digital entertainment.

Imagine being able to click on moving pictures....the way you can click on things now on the Internet. At MIT, Janet Murray is doing more than imagining the possibilities. At the Center for Educational Computing Initiatives, Murray is working with something called HotVideo. Using the IBM developed technology ....newscast footage is being digitized....with links embedded in the images....

"You could type in the word flood...and see coverages of flood all over the world. Or Clinton...and find things that the president's been covered for over the past three years."

The use of the technology can go way beyond news. In her book Hamlet on the
Holodeck....Murray describes a whole new medium for digital story telling...

"I'm asking...what will be the equivalent of the movies for the 21st century."

"The answers are pretty exciting...allowing viewers to make choices...following different characters and story lines...creating....says Murray...a new art form...

"It lets you start to play with the idea of clicking on things in unfolding TV story....and moving to other actions."

Turning us into thinking, active participants in the entertainment. You can find more information at Janet Murray's web site.