Bootcamp: Computer Buying Tips

If you're buying a new high and low.

What you get for your money these days at the high end and the low pretty amazing compared with what PCs were selling for a year or two ago.

Computers selling for under a thousand dollars are no longer just models that have been stripped down. Look for expandability and what is called level 2 cache....and you can get a great deal. But before you decide on buying at the low end....take a look at what some companies are offering at the high end. NEC, for instance....has dropped the price on a fully loaded 333 megahertz Pentium II Direction $1799...including monitor. NEC's Vernon Weiss...

"We're not compromising on anything. It's all the high performance hard drive you're used to... high performance video.... easy to use chassis. All those things that have been synonymous with direct for a long time with the major players ...we're bringing down to that lower price point."

A free upgrade to Windows 98 is included as well. If you need portability...there's even more good news. Intel's new Pentium II processors for notebooks are a lot lower priced than their predecessors. That means new high end notebook computers will sell for under three thousand dollars. Those top of the line portables were selling for six and seven thousand dollars just last year.
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