Black Friday: Getting the most bang for your buck

(CBS News) Black Friday is nearly upon us, the day when retailers hope to see their bottom lines turn from red to black ... and the day when early-risers brave the mobs to take advantage of big sales.

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Last year, an estimated 226 million shoppers spent a record $52 billion in stores and online over the Black Friday weekend. But if you want to get into the bargain-hunting game, you need to have a game plan.

Personal finance expert Farnoosh Torabi, host of Yahoo's "Financially Fit," spoke to Rebecca Jarvis and Anthony Mason about the secrets to a successful Black Friday.

You may already know that you should start with a list and a budget. But then what?

Torabi suggested tips you might not have thought of to spare you from the headaches, like buying discounted gift cards online to use towards your already-discounted purchases; downloading the store's layout to your smartphone; and what NOT to buy on Black Friday.

And remember... just because it's on sale doesn't mean you should buy it.

To get all of Farnoosh Torabi's Black Friday tips, watch the video by clicking on the video player above.