Big Brother's Secrets Revealed

Besides the usual lies and strategies, secrets are part of the new season of "Big Brother." Don't worry: You'll still be in the know.

Every Friday, The Early Show brings you a scene from the "Big Brother" house that you won't be able to see in primetime. And, of course, the evicted houseguest will share theories about what caused his or her ouster.

After being in a position of power the week before, the tables were turned and Kaysar Ridha was evicted from the "Big Brother" house. Click here to catch his interview.

While he was still in the house, Ridha won a special treat, a hookah from home. Before you know it, he gathered his fellow housemates, and things started really smoking!

. Note: smoking hookah is perfectly legal.

And it's America's Choice. If you want to vote to put an evicted player back into the Big Brother house, go to for all the details.

While loyalty is a big part of this game, "Big Brother" host and co-anchor Julie Chen is told these relationships won't last a New York minute.

With a record 47-cameras and 76-microphones, the backstabbing and back scratching will not go unnoticed. Click on the links in red bellow for more secrets and strategies uncovered:

July 29:

: Sarah has a "heart-to-heart" with Kaysar. She is upset there's no one in the house she can trust. Apparently, the pressures are having a bigger impact on her than she expected.

Evicted Houseguest: Ironically enough, a firefighter was extinguished on "Big Brother 6."

started out as one of the game's strongest players. But he got burned by some of his former allies.

July 22:

: Houseguests think they're living with only one gay person: Beau. But Beau has a friend in the house, Ivette, a waitress from Florida, who hasn't told the others she's gay too.

Evicted Houseguest: After 19 short days in the "Big Brother" house, artist

painted himself into a corner and faced eviction. Michael is a free man. He tells us all about the twists and turns that landed him on the outside.

The fourteen houseguests - the biggest cast ever - compete for up to $1,000,000. That's double the usual jackpot. They are seven couples, each made up of friends, partners or co-workers.

Catch "Big Brother 6" Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.