Bank Robbery Foiled When Teller Shuts Door, Tells Thief "We're Closing"

(AP Photo, file)
Would-Be Bank Robber Foiled After Teller Shuts Door, Tells Him "We're Closing"
(AP Photo, file)

(CBS/AP) A would-be bank robber in Rhode Island will have to try again during normal business hours, after a teller shut the security door and told him the bank was closed.

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Cranston police told The Providence Journal that the robbery attempt happened Thursday around 7 p.m., closing time at a Citizens Bank counter inside a grocery store.

Major Robert W. Ryan says the man gave the teller a note written on a ripped paper plate that said, "This is a robbery."

The teller put down the security curtain, told the man the branch was closing and closed the security screen door.

Ryan says the man quickly walked away empty-handed.

Robber, robber go away, come again some other day.

Police are looking for the man.