Bachelor Party

A wedding is a beautiful thing. The gorgeous bride and handsome groom coming together in a loving and peaceful ceremony in front of their caring and supportive friends. But wind the clock back a few days to the bachelor party and the view is entirely different.

Only a few years ago a bachelor party was just that – a party. A couple of beers with father, brothers and one or two friends. The odd eyebrow shaved and the occasional stripper lead to a day-long hang-over. And that was it. But these days, here in Britain, the bachelor party can be a week long, involve foreign travel and even prostitutes, and seriously compromise a future marriage if the truth ever gets out.

A lot of my friends are currently getting married and I have done my own survey on the goings on at these all male shindigs. My findings are shocking – but not altogether surprising. Eastern European destinations are favored by these groups. New low-cost airline routes have opened them up as destinations of sin. The alcohol is cheap, the prostitutes cheaper still and the chances of bumping into the future wife, whilst clamped to a lady of ill repute, are slim to none.

But what is it that can turn a normal loving bloke into a sex-crazed, booze-addled lunatic? Surely this 'last chance to have fun' attitude is utterly wrong. I mean, if you really think that marriage is going to deprive you of 'fun' then why do it?! Peer pressure must have a lot to do with it. The pack mentality of the male is well documented. The need to prove physical and sexual prowess is as old as time. But why the need for ritual humiliation and debauched behavior?

And before you say that bachelorette parties are just as bad, I have to tell you that not one of the women I have spoken to has ever paid a man to defile her in front of her friends! If trust in a relationship is important to you, then be absolutely clear – you can trust your future husband to behave in a way you would absolutely abhor at his bachelor party.
by Petrie Hosken