Baby Dragging Death: Calif. Man Convicted of Murder, Drunk Driving for Killing 1-Year-Old in Toy Wagon

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(CBS/AP) Jurors in Long Beach, California have convicted a man of killing a baby, and injuring her brother, when he drove drunk into the little red wagon they were riding in behind their parents.

Neely Dinkins was found guilty Wednesday of second-degree murder and other crimes. Dinkins killed 1-year-old Kaylee Alvarez and injured her 2-year-old brother, Oscar, in a crash in Oct. 2009.

Prosecutors say the children were in a wagon their parents were pulling across a Long Beach street when Dinkins hit it. His sport utility vehicle dragged the wagon up to a block before he hit the brakes. The boy tumbled out, but Dinkins drove off again with the girl still strapped in the wagon until he stopped at his girlfriend's home about a mile away.

Dinkins faces 30 years to life in prison and remained in jail Thursday.