Art Di-lemma

Some have called her a saint, but CBS News Correspondent Kimberly Dozier reports critics say this is going too far: Princess Diana is dressed as the Holy Madonna, in a statue by artist Luigi Baggi, on display at Liverpool's Tate Art Gallery.

The art exhibition is intended to show how celebrity is the new religion. It's not far off, according to religious columnist John Williams.

"It has to be said that it does actually reflect the reaction to her death, where millions responded with absolute devotion," he said.

"It's only what we've created that's put her up there as an icon," added Baggi.

Anthony Kilmister, chairman of the Prayer Book Society, is blunt in his disapproval. "The idea of Diana as the Virgin Mary is in appallingly bad taste."

Lord Alton, a professor at John Moores University, said he believed many people would find the Heaven exhibition deeply offensive.

Other figures in the exhibit include Leonardo di Caprio as Jesus on the cross, and Michael Jackson as a saint.

There's no comment from Diana's family.

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