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Revisit <b><i>60 Minutes II</i></b> Reports

Tax Revolt: The IRS has taken aim at a new group of tax protestors: small business owners who have stopped withholding taxes from employee paychecks. 60 Minutes II reports. (April 3, 2001)

Master Of The Game: What makes Lakers coach Phil Jackson so successful? 60 Minutes II profiles the man who coached Michael Jordan and now leads Shaquille O'Neal. (March 27, 2001)

Mad Cow In The U.S.? Mad cow disease has spread throughout Europe. Could it come to the United States? 60 Minutes II reports. (March 20, 2001)

Not Your Father's Company: Since last summer, Internet start-ups have been dropping like flies. But, win or lose, dot-coms have left something behind. CEOs like Tellme's Mike McCue have changed U.S. business culture. (March 13, 2001)

What Have They Done To Our Food? Is bioengineered food safe? 60 Minutes II reports from the frontier of the latest scientific revolution. (March 13, 2001)

Rage: A Look At A Teen Killer There are no simple answer's to Monday's shooting at Santana High School. To find out why teens are driven to kill, 60 Minutes II interviewed Evan Ramsey, who killed two people at his Alaska high school in 1997. (March 6, 2001)

Heart Of Darkness: What motivates a spy to become a double agent? To find out, 60 Minutes II talked to top spy recruiters, as well as accused superspy Robert Hanssen's boss at the FBI. (March 6, 2001)

War Of Words The Oxford English Dictionary has named as one of its top editors an American. Is this the latest shot in the war between American and British English? (March 6, 2001)

The Low Tar Myth Smokers who buy low-tar cigarettes may think they're going to inhale less tar. They probably won't. The government and some in the tobacco industry have known this for years. 60 Minutes II reports. (February 20, 2001)

Bono: Bono, lead singer of U2, wants to save the world. 60 Minutes II reports on the leader of the Irish band that triumphed at the Grammys. (February 20, 2001)

National Security Nightmare: News cameras have never been allowed inside — until now: 60 Minutes II provides a look at America's most secret spy agency: the National Security Agency. (Feb. 13, 2001)

Patton of Pot: 60 Minutes II reports from frontlines of California's war against marijuana, as cops search for illegal plots. The growers include Mexican gangs drawn by comparatively lax U.S. laws. (Feb. 13, 2001)

Antiques Roadshow: The country's longest running reality show, PBS's Antiques Roadshow is part history lesson, part treasure hunt and pure greed. The show has become an addiction for the millions who watch it. Feb. 13, 2001)

The Wizard Of IT: Inventor Dean Kamen is used to dreaming up gadgets that change the world — like a wheelchair that climbs stairs. Rumors of his new invention ignited the Nasdaq and inspired a media frenzy. (Feb. 6, 2001)

Adult Time: Are too many troubled teens being swept up in the dragnet - serving time in adult prisons? 60 Minutes II reports. (Feb. 6, 2001)

The Sniper: As more police forces augment their ranks with snipers, some wonder if their presence makes deadly shootings more likely. 60 Minutes II investigates, starting at a sniper school. (Jan. 30, 2001)

Ridley Scott: Ridley Scott doesn't just make movies; he creates worlds. He talks about his latest film, Hannibal, as well as his last, Oscar contender Gladiator. (Jan. 30, 2001)

The Power Of Plastic: Major banks have set their sights on the college crowd as a potential gold mine. Students are being given a chance to catch up with debt-burdened baby boomers. Some turn desperate when they can't handle it. (Jan. 23, 2001)

No Way Out: Correspondent Bob Simon reports from two neighboring West Bank communities — one Jewish, the other Palestinian — where both sides seem to be locked in a cycle of hatred and violence. (Jan. 23, 2001)

The Dave Matthews Band: 60 Minutes II profiles the Dave Matthews Band, the multiracial, multigenre group whose latest album is about to hit stores. (Jan. 23, 2001)

Seeing Evil: 60 Minutes II profiles Park Dietz, a forensic psychiatrist who advises companies on how to spot potential workplace psychopaths. And hear what he says about Hinckley and Dahmer. (Jan. 16, 2001)

The First Casualty: On the first night of the Gulf War, Scott Speicher became the first American casualty. But there there never was any evidence that he died. 60 Minutes II provides an update. (Jan. 16, 2001)

Serenading The Whales: What if music were a universal language understood between species? Some scientists and musicians are tuning in to whales, known for their developed acoustic skills, as 60 Minutes II reports. (Jan. 16, 2001)

Nothing to Lose: The search for seven escaped Texas convicts may be the biggest manhunt since the days of the desperados. 60 Minutes II provides a sneak preview of the prison's eport on what went wrong. (Jan. 9, 2001)

Let the Games Begin! A second wave of reality TV is coming to your living room. But this U.S. pop culture sensation isn't American at all. The new shows have European roots.60 Minutes II reports. (Jan. 9, 2001)

Rikers Revisited: Ten years ago, New York's Rikers Island Jail was a very violent place. 60 Minutes II revisits Rikers to see how it has changed. (Jan. 9, 2001)

Three-year Nightmare: A boot camp for delinquents was the beginning of a misguided effort to reform a troubled youth, says his family. 60 Minutes II investigates South Dakota's juvenile justice program. (Jan. 2, 2001)

The Last Place on Earth: 60 Minutes II investigates the declining populations of orangutans in Indonesia and one woman's fight to save them. (Jan. 2, 2001)

Billy Bob Thornton: With a new movie out and slew of movies slated for release, Billy Bob Thornton should be able to rest on his laurels. But this workaholic is still moving forward. (Jan. 2, 2001)