Applying Your Appliances

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No doubt, you have something in your kitchen that simply sits around, taking up space. Maybe it's the pasta maker you bought in a fit of domestic ambition, or the coffee maker you were given as a wedding gift. Whatever it is, there's no need for it to be useless any longer.

Real Simple magazine staffers spent days putting 16 different gadgets through their paces, trying to find new uses that actually work.

The magazine's Kris Connell shares six of these ideas on The Early Show.

Ice Cream Maker
While making ice cream may often sound like a good idea, it requires a lot of time and a long list of ingredients. However, making a Cola Slushy takes little time and nothing more than a can of soda.

Set up the machine as though you were going to make ice cream (freezing the canister, etc.). Then, pour in one 12-ounce can of soda and start the machine. A thick slush will form after 10 to 15 minutes. Simply scoop into glasses and serve. This is even easier than running to a convenience store, and it's certainly cheaper.

You can use this same process to create other delicious frozen slushy drinks such as frozen hot chocolate, lemonade or even margaritas. Remember: Add the alcohol after the liquid has turned slushy.

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