Andy Rooney Weighs In On Health Care

Mr. Rooney Weighs In One Of The Most Controversial Issues Of The Moment

Written by Andy Rooney

I'm not much interested in hearing anymore talk about health care.

President Obama wants to overhaul what they call the "health care industry." Well good, but I hate that phrase the "heath care Industry." I just don't like to think of my health as an industry.

The fact is though being sick is often the least of our health problem. Even if you're insured, what hospitals charge now is ridiculous. I had what they call "an outpatient procedure" recently and it cost my insurance company $9,361. I say it cost my insurance company but let's face it. In the end, I'm the one who pays.

The U.S. spends more than any other country on Earth on its health: $2.5 trillion. And what do we get for $2.5 trillion? Well, we're 50th in the world for life expectancy, below the Polynesian French Island Territory of Wallis and Futuna, wherever Wallis and Futuna are.

As Steve Kroft reported earlier on 60 Minutes, we are losing billions of dollars on health care fraud. Not on health care - on health care fraud.

Everyone cheats - companies, hospitals, patients, doctors, drug companies, and government agencies. Cheating goes on everywhere in the get well business.

During my recent outpatient procedure a doctor came into my room, asked how I was doing and said "By the way I love your work on television." He left without touching me and a couple of weeks later when the bill came, it turned out his visit cost my insurance company $250.00.

I mean who knows what he would have charged if he didn't like my work.

There's just no doubt we need health care reform because the way it is now, makes me sick.

Written by Andy Rooney