After Tragedies, Hope Is Born

For one Michigan couple, a newborn daughter is helping to heal some terrible wounds.

Daniel and Colette Decker once had a full house in Bangor,

The Early Show national correspondent Hattie Kauffman.

The Deckers had four kids: Nicolette, 17, Danny, 16, Melissa, 14, and Carolann, 11.

As Colette put it, "Everything a mother would want."

But five years ago, that all changed, Kauffman says.

The three girls were on their way to school. Nicki was driving. They'd just left home and were about a mile down the road, when they collided with a semi-truck.

"Collette said, 'That's Nicki's car,' recalls Dan, "and we got out, and I started walking up to it, and the police just surrounded me and stopped me about 10 feet from the vehicle. And our whole world changed."

"They told us there was no survivors," Colette says, "and you sit back, and the first thing you think is, 'What did I do so rotten that somebody or God would want to do this to do you?' "

They became extra-protective of their remaining child, Danny.

"We bought a cell phone for him. We all kept track of each other," says Dan.

But tragedy struck again. Just a year later, Danny was driving with three friends, Kauffman says. They sped over railroad tracks, lost control, and hit a tree. The vehicle burst into flames. Danny and two of his friends were killed.

"Your mind starts going, 'Oh, no. Not again. Not again," Dan says.

The Deckers buried their son even as they were still grieving for their daughters.